Education and Training

We’re committed to translating knowledge and increasing awareness about this rare and devastating disease, both in the medical community and among patients and families.

Since our inception, we continue to utilize opportunities to present our work both locally and internationally through invited talks, lectures and grant rounds. These collaborations have significantly expanded our referral base and allowed for the development of international clinical trials. They have also provided other institutions with the knowledge to recognize RRD, and to implement effective surveillance protocols in diagnosed patients.

Dr. Adam Shlien, left, (who runs the SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program) and Dr. Uri Tabori, right, (who runs the international RRD consortium) are two mentors who welcome new students and trainees.

Programs and opportunities

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please email Dr. Uri Tabori and the International Consortium. If you are a student or research fellow who would like to join our group, please reach out to Cindy Zhang.